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GeoSpective Technologies™
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A New & Fresh approach to Address Matching! GeoSpective Technologies™ Web Solutions offer No Hassle, Cost Effective Web-based Addmatching to locate Schools or Other Customized Information you may want to access directly from the Web.

User-Friendly Web Interface: GeoSpective Technologies™ Web-based applications are designed with ease-of-use in mind. They’re powerful and comprehensive in functionality, but designed to be simple to use.

Uses Reliable Web Data: Your addressing results are only as good as the GIS Data you use. GeoSpective Technologies™ WebAddmatch uses GeoSpective Technologies™ GeoSense© geographic data, widely recognized as one of the most accurate and aggressively maintained GIS Address Databases available, along with other reliable Data sources. GeoSpective Technologies™ specializes in Data for Riverside County, but also maintains a nation-wide GIS Database if you’re interested in aggregating data from multiple states and counties.

Web Locator Maps: GeoSpective Technologies™ WebAddmatch has a built-in web map interface that offers accurate, high quality, interactive Web Maps.

Customized Versions: GeoSpective Technologies™ Web Solutions can create customized version of WebAddmatch just for you! If you need additional boundary layers, site data, or demographic/statistical data in WebAddmatch, we can do it for you!


GeoSpective Technologies™ WebAddmatch Online© 2019 offer the following:
Easy to use web-accessible interface. Nothing to install, maintain, or have your IT Dept. configure for you.
Customize your display. Pick the fields you want to retrieve and view.
Locate multiple occurrences of the same address (I.e. 100 Main Street)
Links search address to other data, such as local schools or businesses.
Data Retrieval Interface—Specify search categories (i.e. School Type) and distance capture range (i.e. 2/mi., 10/mi., etc.)
Retrieval tables allow you to sort Web Reports by columns (I.e. Closest Distance, Name, Address, etc.)
Click-on-Name for Detail and Contact Info.
Interactive Web Locator Online Maps
Comprehensive Business Search Interface for Detailed School/Business Data Web Reports
Uses reliable, daily updated GIS Address Data, and Schools Data

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